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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're wondering at what point in your pregnancy your clothes will get too tight or what trimester you should buy maternity clothes in, the truth is there is no right or wrong answer! Ultimately, the choice is yours!

Although wearing tight clothes won't hurt your baby, they may make you feel uncomfortable. All of the pieces available at The Mum Collective are designed to journey with you from the very start of your pregnancy, and stay with you for as long as you'll have them. We even have mums buying our pieces who's children are older and stopped nursing many years ago!

Again, there's no rule to say when you should and shouldn't start wearing maternity clothes. Many pieces, such as those with bump pouches, won't typically fit you until much later in your pregnancy. If you're wanting to wear comfortable clothes throughout, our pieces are tailored to accommodate your changing body.

With good quality fabrics, they're designed to feel much gentler on your skin. Where possible we've used natural fabrics such as organic cotton and organic french terry, as they're free from synthetic chemicals such as fertilisers and pesticides! 

We understand that choosing a size of clothing for during your pregnancy and your feeding journey can be a challenge. The Mum Collective clothes have been designed and created to fit more oversized, so they can be worn throughout your pregnancy, nursing and beyond. We suggest ordering your regular pre-pregnancy size.

Still not sure what to buy? Take a look at our full size guide breakdown or read of the reviews under each piece to see what others have said about the fit.

Yes absolutely! No matter your choice of feeding, whether you're breast, bottle or expressing, our clothes have been designed with you in mind. Even if your little one is moving onto their weaning journey, the zips and other feeding openings have been designed to be discreet, acting as both a functional and design element!

Yes, we ship all over the world! Shipping costs will apply and will be added at checkout. We'd also recommend checking to see if any customs charges are incurred when your package enters your country. You can find out more here.