Ethical & Sustainable

As a business, we knew from our conception that we wanted to be as ethical and sustainable as possible. When hunting for our manufacturers and even our packaging, we knew this is where we could make the most difference. 

Although all of our pieces are designed in the UK, we wanted to partner with manufacturers who really share our values. We currently use two manufacturers - one in Portugal and the other in Vietnam. Both were chosen for their ethos and sustainability. They have been fully vetted by our team and are equally audited and compliant with the laws in their respected countries. 

Our Vietnam manufacturing partner was chosen for another reason, their work within the local community. In particular, their mission to recruit at risk Vietnamese women who have been displaced from their communities. In some cases these women have either been victims of domestic violence or shamed for choosing to have babies outside of a culturally acceptable relationship.

In addition, many of the women have raised children and have not had an opportunity to pursue careers or further education. They have no social welfare, community or family to fall back on. The program our manufacturer runs offers these women an opportunity to regain confidence and maintain independent lives. Ones surrounded by a new formed community with mutual goals. 

Our packaging company is environmentally friendly too! We don't use polybags for any of our garments - each comes hand wrapped by our team with tissue paper printed using sustainable ink, delivered to you in an eco-friendly Kraft paper bag. We think they look great and add a bit of luxury! 

Finally, we work with the charity TreeSisters and have committed to planting a tree for every purchase at The Mum Collective! 

We are continually working to become better as a brand, our aim is to build a completely sustainable brand and help to reforest the planet.