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When buying maternity wear, you shouldn’t have to compromise between style and practicality. The truth is, there’s no right or wrong way to dress during and after pregnancy, plus with greater choice means that you can wave goodbye to solely wearing tent dresses and peplum tops! It can feel safe to hide and cover up parts of your body that are continuously growing and changing. However, we want to show you ways to fall in love with clothing all over again, particularly when it comes to your next social occasion. 

Research shows that there’s a peak in anxiety over what to wear during maternity leave, more so in respect of social events. A third of mum’s recalled times where they were stressed over dressing for a social outing. This won’t do! In this blog post, we’ll be giving you our top tips so you can feel relaxed while out and about, but look fabulous at the same time.

The question shouldn't be when you should be buying maternity clothes. Ask yourself what collection of looks do you want to go for? You'll want to build a range that are suitable for the all girl’s brunch or for when you want to feel glam and comfortable for your next evening out. Think date night’s, weddings, christenings, and staycations. We’re here for interchangeable looks that feel like “you” and act as part of a capsule wardrobe.

So, without further ado… Here are our top tips for looking comfortable and feeling incredible for your next social outing!

Embrace that your whole body changes

Unfortunately, it’s common that people going through pregnancy will feel “unsexy” or miss their pre-pregnancy bodies. What you shouldn’t do is ignore how you’re feeling and seek support from your nearest and dearest to talk about it. It’s important to note that you deserve to look and feel your best no matter your life-stage, or whether you’ve gone up a size or two. It’s all about re-training your mindset to view your body in a new light. You can’t ignore your thoughts about the physical changes, however, keep reminding yourself what an incredible thing your body is going through right now. As much as we’d advise you to not compare your journey to others, think about the kindness and compassion you’d deliver to another pregnant person. How would you have a conversation about their body hang ups?

Invest in quality pieces

Our whole ethos is to provide high-quality, flattering, super cosy, and practical loungewear that can be worn in the comfort of your own home or out to a gorgeous brunch. If we had one tip for feeling and looking good during pregnancy, it would be to invest in quality pieces. Firstly, shop the same as you always would and feel how the fabric feels against you. Do you love how it feels or does it just feel “ok”?

Then, think about how it hugs your body and whether you get the feeling of comfort and ease to wear. You’ll know this immediately as you’ll either be tugging at it and re-adjusting, or you’ll feel a sense of calm and as though you can wear it anywhere without the “urgh” feeling.

Then, weigh up whether it is practical for both mum and baby. Is it a nightmare to get off? To breastfeed in? To wash? It’s all about finding the sweet spot of whether it feels right, hangs right, and ultimately whether it’s going to make the day easier or that little bit inconvenient.

Listen to you

It's all about listening to you. Think back to an outfit that made you feel out of this world and look for ways to re-create the look in a new way. Throw on a fancy pair of heels to wear around the house and think about accessorising an outfit before finding core wardrobe pieces. This can help to ease you in before taking the plunge of hitting the dressing room.

Remember, it can be fun to try out new styles you’ve always wanted to try too, you never know what might take your fancy. It’s a learning process but enjoy every moment of it. We recommend building a core colour palette so that you don’t have to stress about trying on colours you’re not drawn to (this also helps to speed up getting ready in the morning), building a dream accessories station, and choosing clothes that are light, breezy, and easy to mix and match.

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