How to Stay Cool During Summer While Pregnant or Nursing

Posted by Sophie Baldwin on

As much as we all love the warm weather and sunshine, pregnancy and nursing can sometimes make you feel the opposite. Whether you’re in the first trimester or fourth, it’s common for you to feel a lot hotter during the warmer months than you did pre-pregnancy.

There are important factors to bear in mind as we enter the warmer months, to ensure you keep as cool and comfortable as possible - there’s nothing worse than feeling hot and bothered!

Here are our tips to keeping cool during summer…

Stay hydrated

Make sure you drink plenty of water. Not drinking enough water can be dangerous, sometimes resulting in dehydration or heatstroke. Remember, you will need to drink more water than usual due to the high temperatures.

Tip: Keep a water bottle with you during the day to ensure you drink frequently. A thermal water bottle will keep your drink ice cold.

Opt for light and airy clothing

When getting ready for the day, make sure you grab anything that is light and airy from your wardrobe. Breathability is a must to help keep you cool, so oversized clothing will help. Fabrics like cotton or linen don’t trap as much heat.

Tip: Try to pick lighter colours - the lighter the colour, the better. Our Amelia Tee is a firm favourite during the summer months. Made from 100% cotton, she offers the breathability and comfort that you and your bump need (and she’s nursing friendly!).

When you’re out and about, don’t forget to wear sunscreen, a sunhat and sunglasses to protect you from the sun’s rays. Taking a spray water bottle along with you is a great option if it’s really hot.

Keep bedding to a minimum

We’re sure you’ve all experienced a sleepless night due to the heat. Choosing lightweight bedding made from cotton or linen will help to keep you cool during any uncomfortable nights. A great option is to sleep on top of the sheets rather than under.

Also, make sure to wear comfortable pyjamas. Shorts and short sleeved tops will help to keep you cool. Our Zara Pyjama Top and Shorts are a great option to wear during summer nights since they’re both breathable and airy.

Relax and put your feet up

If you can, try to avoid doing too much when it’s hot. Pregnancy can be tiring when the weather is cool, so ensure to give yourself a well-deserved rest when needed. If you do need to be up on your feet, wear comfortable footwear try not to stand for too long, as ankles, feet and fingers often swell during pregnancy.

Tip: Aim to rest for an hour per day with your feet higher than your heart to help with any swelling in your feet. Foot exercises will also help to reduce swelling.

We can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive, and pregnant and nursing mamas deserve to be just as excited. We hope our tips and advice help with any dread you might feel as the weather becomes warmer!

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